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Imperium CAC

Revolutionize your coding process with an advanced CAC system powered by AI and ML

Improve Medical Documentation Efficiency with Imperium's Automation Modules

Imperium’s CAC and CDI modules are designed to enhance the accuracy, efficiency, productivity, and flexibility of your medical documentation process. These modules utilize an industry-leading clinical NLP engine to provide flexible and scalable coding of professional and facility operations, dramatically improving coder productivity and code capture. By automating the documentation process, Imperium enables healthcare professionals to focus on providing high-quality care to patients while reducing the time and effort spent on documentation.

Our Healthcare Technology Solutions are Designed to Simplify & Streamline Complex Processes for Healthcare Providers.

Imperium’s next-generation CAC (Computer-Assisted Coding) system is designed to address the accuracy challenges faced by many NLP-based CAŠ” tools currently available in the market. Our system is powered by advanced ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms that enable accurate interpretation and coding of patient medical records and documentation. This results in a significant reduction in errors, improved efficiency, and increased accuracy and completeness of patient records. Imperium’s CAC system is ideal for large hospital systems looking to streamline their coding process and improve the quality of patient care.


Imperium’s CAC system tackles the challenge of prioritizing cases and scheduling compliance reviews by mapping workflows to critical business processes for optimal control and visibility. Real-time updates and alerting capabilities simplify case flow control and optimization. With features such as concurrent, post-discharge, and retrospective coding, Imperium’s CAC streamlines the coding process, ensuring maximum efficiency and accuracy in coding medical records.


Customizable Worklist

  • Offers concurrent, post-discharge, and retrospective worklists.
  • Provides various work queues based on the documentation status of accounts, such as unassigned, in-process, ready, hold, etc.
  • Sends alert notifications based on documentation status
  • Includes an auto deficiency workflow and case prioritization
  • Allows accounts to be easily moved between coders based on availability and specialty

Auto Coding

  • Captures all ICDs and PCS codes based on available documentation.
  • Captures accurate PDx with CC and MCC.
  • Provides auto-suggested working DRG to prioritize high financial impact accounts deficiency workflow and case prioritization.


  • Allows for adding information and reminders with flexible code notation capabilities.
  • Shares notes with Coders/CDIs/Physicians/HIM staff.
  • Includes a charts navigation feature for an optimized view of all notes.
  • Offers a search tool to easily find key phrases and words.

Navigation/ User Interface/ Layout

  • Provides layout options for optimal productivity and comfort.
  • Allows for rearranging tabs and hiding unused tabs.
  • Offers zoom in for better visibility.
  • Provides customizable font options.


  • Offers user dashboards with real-time reports.
  • Includes multiple industry-standard reports.
  • Allows for report scheduling for auto distribution.

Detailed Code Descriptions and Guidelines

Imperium CAC system provides detailed descriptions and guidelines for each code, that helps your staff to understand the specific requirements and requirements for each code.

Code Crosswalks and Mappings

Imperium CAC system includes code crosswalks and mappings, allowing your people to easily convert codes from one system to another.

Customized coding rules

Imperium CAC system allows you to customize coding rules and parameters to meet the specific needs of your practice.

Integration with other systems

Imperium CAC system seamlessly integrates with other systems and applications, streamlining workflows and improving access to critical data.