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Unlocking the power of AI for complete clinical documentation integrity
– Imperium CDI

Imperium’s Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

This module is designed to streamline and automate the process of updating clinical documentation within EHRs. With this module, clinicians and case managers can work together in real-time to update patient information and improve documentation accuracy.

Customizable Worklists

  • Prioritize accounts based on missing key clinical indicators, pending queries, SOI, ROM.
  • Accounts can be shuffled easily between the CDIs based on their skills and availability, hence improving.
  •  Prioritize accounts based on opportunities with maximum impact.

Accurate Auto-coding

  • NLP based auto-coding feature provides accurate diagnosis/procedure codes and the DRG with the source of the clinical evidence
  • Reduces manual search for indicators and improves CDI quality in lesser time
  •  Improves the CMI (case mix index) immensely

Manage Length of Stay

  • Helps CDIs identify cases nearing GMLOS and alerting the case managers and physicians through this integrated tool
  • Helps take necessary actions to reduce the LOS (length of stay)

Automated Query Generation

  • Real-time query generation based on the clinical evidence in the documentation available using proprietary query alert logic
  • 75+ standardized query templates which can be edited or new ones created based on the organization requirement
  • 100% of the accounts pass through this auto CDI process hence no missed opportunity
  • Flags accounts with HACs (hospital acquired conditions) and PSIs (patient Safety Indicators)

User-Friendly Interface / Collaboration

  • Concurrent Queries can be created from nurse and CDI systems for faster physician response industry-standard reports
  • Intuitive interface for managing and tracking the queries between various stakeholders (CDIs/Physicians/Coders)
  • Higher level of collaboration amongst the CDIs/Coders by recording the gaps in the documentation and the action taken to resolve.
  • Set up alerts for new documents, follow-ups, abnormal vitals, labs

Real-time Customizable Dashboards

  • Track CDI productivity and quality
  •  Measure the query rate and response
  •  Track DRG/CMI variance
  • Measure and track different types of query impact (financial/quality)


Automated CDI updates

Imperium’s CDI Module fully automates the process of updating CDI documentation within EHRs, reducing the need for manual updates and saving time for clinicians and case managers.

Prioritized worklists

Worklists help case managers prioritize accounts based on missing key clinical indicators, pending queries, source of information, range of motion, and more. This helps improve productivity and ensure the best results.

Improved efficiency and accuracy

The CDI Module streamlines and regulates the documentation process, making it easier and more efficient for healthcare professionals to capture and document patient information. With an intuitive interface and advanced features, users can quickly and accurately enter and retrieve patient data, reduce errors, and improve the overall quality of clinical documentation.

Natural language processing (NLP) module

The CDI Module includes an NLP module that improves the quality of CDI and identifies cases nearing the expected length of stay. It provides accurate diagnosis/procedure codes and DRGs, with the source of clinical evidence, reducing the need for manual searches and improving the case mix index.

Robust analytics engine

The CDI Module includes a robust analytics engine that allows users to track and measure the effectiveness of their documentation efforts. With real-time data and customizable reports, users can identify areas for improvement and optimize their documentation processes.